128 – Rural Quietude

This is not far from where I live, at least on weekends. Probably one kilometer. I love the quietude and serenity in this image. It’s like all the work is done and the world holds its breath for a moment of quiet bliss.

I took the image at mid-afternoon, when I started out for a session that would have lasted till sundown, which in the meantime is again at 17:30. I shot it with the Nikon 18-200 at 50mm and f11. Many of the other images are unfortunately unusable, because two lens changes later I managed to get such a big speck of dust on the sensor, that even cloning in Photoshop would have been too tedious. When I cleaned the sensor after having arrived in Vienna, I saw that the thing was almost 2mm long. Hmm, this was not dust, this was a pebble 🙂

I found no proper Story of the Day. In fact, I did find stories, but, can we have one day without slaughter?

What I have is a Song of the Day, “Air” by “The Incredible String Band”, from their 1968 album “Wee Tam“. They certainly were no string band, but incredible they were for sure. If I would have to pick only a single one of their albums, I would have a hard time choosing between “The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter” (audio samples here) and “Earthspan” (also here, but no samples).

Have a nice week. Peace to you and your loved ones.