126 – Zu den 2 Lieserln

This is an archive image and it is from Wednesday. “Zu den 2 Lieserln” is a typically Viennese restaurant led by two elder ladies who both happen to be called Elizabeth, or in Austrian dialect, Lieserl. In fact, I haven’t seen one of them in years, so probably her health does not allow it any more. The restaurant is in Burggasse, between Neubaugasse and Stuckgasse. If you’re in for “Wiener Schnitzel” or “Cordon Bleu”, this is one of a handful of places to recommend. But don’t forget to order your “Kartoffel-Mayonnaisesalat”.

The Guardian has a short interview with Philip Pullman. Nothing too spectacular, but he admitted writing a sequel to His Dark Materials! If you like fantasy and have not read this, there is no doubt that you should. It’s refreshingly different.