125 – A Sad Rose on a Rainy Day

Remember yesterday? That it was spring? That I told you of a blossoming tree?

Yesterday’s spring photos were not yet there, and I wanted to get back today, at about the same time, to experiment further. Well, we had rain all day. So much rain in fact, that I had to pack the camera away before I could even use it. That’s for consistency.

On my way home I bought a rose for an extraordinary price. Hmm … remains of yesterday and certainly with the price of yesterday. Anyway, I needed a flower, so I bought it.

In hindsight I think I am not so sure about the droplets. They make a simple image unnecessarily busy and are quite a cliché. On the other hand, what is not a cliché when it comes to roses? It would be a rather funny idea to even try for originality. Anyway, I’m tired, it’s late, this is the image 🙂

The Story of the Day is a column from The Jerusalem Post. Larry Derfner explains why he thinks the next American president should be … Al Gore! A little bit polemic, quite compelling, and I wonder what Al thinks about it?

4 thoughts on “125 – A Sad Rose on a Rainy Day”

  1. Put me down as pro-droplet. I’m pulled into the acion of the swirling petals by the droplets. And as for a valentine’s almost day shot… it is interesting that you went monochrome. Has the hue of love left you this week? Hmmmm…

    As for Al Gore… you heard that his talk this week before a college gathering was cancelled due to the intensity of the winter blizzard that is ensnarling much of America? There is irony there… I just cannot figure out how to express it graphically.


  2. Amazing photos. I really liked Handful of Color and the picture from Back to the Tracks reminds me of home in Canada.

  3. Thanks all for your comments.

    Monochrome is for a simple technical reason. Some weeks ago I have bought two daylight lamps for lighting macro shots. In the meantime I have mounted one of them at my workplace. I LOVE daylight lamps.

    Yesterday I didn’t want to unmount this particular lamp, thus I used only one of those lamps. The other light was the normal kitchen light. Two lights, one blue, one yellow, and that on a white rose. I swear, there is no way to get a satisfying white balance. When the tips of the petals are like you want them, then the shadows are sickly yellow.

    This is the story of monochrome, that’s for artistic concepts 🙂

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