82 – Smak #52

At least that’s what I read. I shot that image in Siebensterngasse between Neubaugasse and Zollergasse on my way home from work. I left early to still get some light, but with the new Nikon 50/1.8, even wide open I was down to 1/30 seconds at ISO 400. Goodness, the winter has not even really started here! But at least the days get longer now, if only so slowly.

Over at the Radiant Vista, in a discussion with Alec C. Johnson about one of my images, we had the idea of shooting images about titles of Bob Dylan songs. Accidentally my image was titled “Desolation Row“. Is this a project or is this not a project 😕

One thought on “82 – Smak #52”

  1. Oddly, I see this as two doorways. The obvious one on the left, and that tag which is a doorway into someone’s inadequacy. The first says, “Look… look at what I have amassed. How well i am doing. How tasteful I am. The second says, “Look… look at how impoverished I am. What a loser I am. How I need to despoil to feel worthy.” Each opens into snapsho of someone’s sense of personal identity. I wonder which has the most human right to be there? Nice work… Thanks for sharing.


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