81 – With Central Services on the Sunny Side of the Street!

I don’t even pretend to know what this is. I do know where it is. It is in Westbahnstraße, between the photo shops “blende 7” and “Orator”, or in other words, between Kaiserstraße and Schottenfeldgasse.

It really is that yellow. I have not so much added color, I’ve taken away. What I have added is contrast. If I had not felt so much need to flex my Photoshop muscle, I could have used the original image as well, and in a way this probably would have been even more appropriate. Why? Because this photo is special, that’s why. It is the first photo taken with my new Nikon 50/1.8.

You remember, this is the lens I did not buy while in my psychedelic mood. Well, in the meantime I got mail from John DeMott, who reminded me of what an exceptional bargain this lens is. Now, who am I to contradict John DeMott 😕

By the way, if you have not seen it yet, you really should. I feel how it gets more and more important.

One thought on “81 – With Central Services on the Sunny Side of the Street!”

  1. But what a waste of all that glass for a virgin dance. I wanna see what it will do wide open with indoor natural light. Come on…. open that sucker up. Um, oh yeah… nice image. I’m not a fan of selective saturation though, feels like a gimmick. But then, who am I to knock gimmicks, eh.

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