109 – Living in a Digital World

I took the image this morning on my way to work. What troubles me is, that I’m not sure where. Schottenfeldgasse, between Seidengasse and Westbahnstra├če, most probably, but I am not sure. Does this matter? Yes it does, albeit only to me. I catalog all my images in IMatch, and from a category tree of currently 768 categories I assign always a location and some other information that help me find images when I need to. Having shot 6617 images with the D200 since May 16th 2006, I find myself increasingly often in the position to search for images I vaguely remember.

This is a glass door in a house entrance. Through it you can see into an inner courtyard. The glass has printed this raster pattern on it, and, using the Nikon 18-200 at 200mm, I have focused on the glass, rendering the courtyard completely out of focus.

“The Scotsman” has the Story of the Day. It is about “thought crime“. What really strikes me in this story, is the line of argumentation of those who oppose the new law. Basically they protest against being restricted in their right to be intolerant and in their possibilities to force their opinions on other people. What a pity.

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