32 – Fleeting Transition

Yesterday I had much trouble deciding between eight different images that all could have been an Image of the Day, but part of the game is, that there can always be only one. When I finally gave up and decided to choose one randomly, the decision was further postponed because Smugmug was not reachable. Oh well!

Now, in the morning I have settled with this image of a curtain of small lights in front of a shop on Spittelberg in Vienna’s 7th district. But you know that by now. On the other hand, have I mentioned that Spittelberg is not a mountain, not even a proper hill? Actually it may have been called a hill when it once was far out of the city walls, but it never could have loomed more than 20 meters above 🙂

Anyway. This is, of course, Christmas decoration again. I have taken several shots, some completely out of focus, some mostly in focus, this one in between. I like it for its feeling of transition that is due to the door frame being in focus, probably not recognizable for what it is, but still giving the feeling of something to pass by and into the darkness.